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New old member from Mississippi

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Hi everyone I was a member at one time and somehow couldn't log back in so I just rejoined. Love told hunt and fish and like most anything Ruger. I believe I currently have Rugeritis as I currently own 2 LCP's, 2 LC9's, a P89, three Ruger Americans, a mini 14, a mini 30 and have an AR-556 in lay-a-way.
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Yup you got the addiction when you buy more than one of the same gun. Welcome back.
Welcome back,

Same thing happened to me, welcome back. Oh, I mean the unable to log in and Ruger buying.:D
Rugeritis? Yeah I caught that way back when I bought my first New Model Blackhawk.

Welcome back, we've missed you.....
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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