New old guy from New York at least til retire

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    I have been a shooter for 40 years, a collector for 21 years. I prefer lever guns and single action revolvers, but I do own a 10-22 and a couple of MarkI and MarkII pistols. I even own a Lend-Lease Colt from WWII.

    Living in New York I am really conserned at how wreaklessly the governor has treated law abiding, hard working, tax paying American citizens in his effort take the high road on crime by making the lawabiding more responsible for the cure than the lawless.

    Ok, I gotta get off this soap box, at least for now.
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    Welcome from Texas!
    I feel for you New Yorkers. It is hard to beleive what they are pulling on the gun owners up there.

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    Welcome to the Ruger Talk Forum !!
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    Welcome to the Ruger Talk Forum !