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New Mini 14 Ranch - What's next?

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I am a proud new owner of a Mini 14 first rifle. I love the wood stock and will not swap it (for now)...they called me "Clasic" at the gun show after trying to make me go with a tactical or stainless model. Not sure if it was because of the wood stock or my age! what comes next? I want to customize a little. Thinking of an Accu-strut or a trigger job.
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def trigger job!
That's a great gun. I have the mini 14
But tactical.
Welcome to Rugertalk,
and grats on the mini 14.

Yes...I watched a video on youtube on NutnFancy that showed a gunsmith in Arizona making the changes. I will consider it after putting 200+ rounds through it. Thanks for the advise.
Yes...I like several tactical stocks. I read the most about the ATI version. I may try one in a few months after getting a good feel with the wood stock.Thanks!
A new Mini-14 just looks plain naked without a Mo-Rod & Mo-Reaper setup...;)

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Congrats on the new gun. I like the wood stocks. Like the way they look. But, they do get dinged up if ya use them alot.
Boyds gun stocks now make a Tactical and two Thumbhole stocks for the Mini 14
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