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Welcome from Michigan. I have the LCP, stood looking at the 2 not long ago, glad to hear it sounds like it performs like the original.
The LCP is heads and shoulders over the origional in most aspects. Much better trigger, usable sights, and it's a touch thicker, so it dosen't sting when fired like the origional. And it has the last round hold open, a feature I just prefer

As a testament to the LCPII, I once stopped to visit my brother. He was on his backyard range with my other brother and they were shooting plates with their 357 revolvers. The range was about 15 yards. I said let me give it a go, and pulled out my LCPII which prompted laughs and guffaws from both of them, who both BTW carry the original LCP.

I cleared the plates with the 7 rounds I had in the gun. My brother looked at me like a rattlesnake had a hold on his big toe and said " that thing shoots pretty good!"

The LCP with it's slimmer profile and rounded corners does make for a slightly better pocket pistol though.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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