New LCRX models

Discussion in 'Ruger Revolver Forums' started by greg_r, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. greg_r

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    I see Ruger has come out with the LCRX with the 3 inch barrel in 22 Magnum. Also the LCRX with the 1.87 inch barrel in 22 Magnum, 9mm, and 327 Magnum.

    Stretch that 327 Federal Magnum to the 3 inch barrel and I'm buying one!
  2. buster40c

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    I suggest you shoot one before you jump on one. The 327 magnum is about like shooting a 357. In a gun light as the LCRX you can bet it will not be fun at the shooting range.

  3. greg_r

    greg_r Well-Known Member

    I have a bit of experience with the .32's from the .32 S&W to the .327 magnum. Better suited for most people than the 357 magnum. I dare say that most who buy the LCRX in 357 Magnum normally shoot 38 specials out of it.

    I carried H&R 733's in .32 S&W Long for a long time, Butch in 4 inch and 2 inch, until I replaced them with NEF R92's chambered in .32 H&R Magnums. Again both the 2 and 4 inch versions. I always wanted a Handi Rifle chambered for the .32 H&R magnum. I never understood, why H&R/NEF never chambered the Handi Rifle for their namesake cartridge.

    The SP101 in .327 Federal and .357 Magnum are a good comparison. The .327 Federal is much more enjoyable to shoot than the .357 Magnum version. And the .327 Magnum has one of the same advantages as the .357 Magnum. You can shoot 38's in the .357. You can shoot .32 S&W Longs in the .327 Federal. You can also shoot .32 H&R Magnums and .32 Shorts in the .327 Magnum.

    The .32 Federal Magnum is basically a modern copy of the .32-20. It's a useful round for anything up to the size of coyote. Plus I think it would be a deterrent to 2 legged varmints as well. Plus now Henry Repeating Arms is chambering their rifles for the round. Thinking seriously of one of those as well.

    I have thought long and hard about my handgun collection. I have downsized and upgraded. And I am where I want to be almost. There are only two more I want to add. The Ruger LCRX in .327 Federal Magnum, and the Charter Arms Bulldog in 45 Colt (measure the .CA Bulldog in 45 ACP, the dimensions will accept the Colt cartridge!). If either of these are made I will buy them.
  4. Oldhand

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    My wife had the Taurus 2inch ported stainless revolver. It was load but didn't move in the hand. Extremely comfortable to shoot.:D
  5. RFF

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    I'm with you greg_r. If Ruger would offer the LCRx in .327 Federal Magnum with 3" barrel they would have a guaranteed sale with me. I didn't know Henry was offering in their rifles now. Thanks for the heads up!