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New Guy from MD - SR40 slide stop problem

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Hi all...just bought my first handgun and after lots of research decided on the Ruger SR40. I love it but after only 2 times to the range and 200 rds, my pistol had a problem with the slide stop...

I would fire off a round and the slide would lock as if the magazine was empty. The range official said it looked like an internal hook was disconnected from the slide stop. Instead of trying to fix myself, I called customer support and decided to ship back to ruger to fix.

Has anyone had this problem and will Ruger make this right so it shoots better than new and never have this problem again? I still have faith in my SR40 but am dissapointed this happened within the 1st week.

Please assure me I picked a great 1st gun and that Ruger will take care if this doesn't help that my buddy that is a complete "glock cheerleader" was with me when this happened and has been rubbing it in.
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Welcome to the forum. You made a good choice and Ruger will make it right. No doubt about it. I am sure that after your calling them they will send you a mailer and the problem will be fixed and your gun will get a quick turn around.
Welcome to the forum
Welcome to Rugertalk,

Hadn't seen this problem, I've got between 9-10000 rds through my SR40...we did have a broken lower camblock pin at around 3000? rds that we ended up sending in to Ruger. After speaking with them on the phone they wanted to take a look at it themselves, the sent me an o-nite label and had it back to me within days....great to deal with at every step...and no problems with the gun ever since.
Just an update Ruger sent me the waybill and recieved it on a Tuesday and I got it back that following Monday. It was a great customer service experience.Their customer experience was a factor in me choosing a ruger and they came through quickly with no hassles.

I since put 250 rds thru it with no problems. It shoots great. Hopefully it won't happen again.

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