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Picked it up Thursday 11/3. Cleaned and lubed it. Selected Medium backstrap.
Went to the range today.

Here is over all. All targets were 15 shots (except when I lost count as I was having so much fun!) Targets will be explained one by one below.
Art Creative arts Gas Circle Pattern

Ctr of Mass Target = 20 feet. 15 shots The distance from the back of the living room sofa to the back door. From master bedroom to this point or from stairs to the back door is 25 feet.
White Red Recreation Circle Art

Target # 2 is 30 feet out.
Target # 6 is 50 feet out.
Red Gas Circle Font Paint

Target # 5 is 10 feet more than # 2 = 40 feet out. Some of those outflyers on the bottom are actually from target #4
Target # 4 is "what the hey" 75 feet out. I have heard of some shooting a pistol 25 yards and getting a grouping of 2" so I decided "no guts, no glory" and went all the way to 75 ft. Need to work on that. Some are low because I thought it was shooting a wee bit high. It wasn't.
Azure Textile Sleeve World Orange

Target # 3 is back to 30 feet with my Federal HST LE Hollowpoints.
Target # 1 is 30 feet but shooting faster like we think we would if it was a BG in the house. (OK, will probably be shooting faster) Two patterns, a horizontal row and then a tighter grouping around the target.
Azure Textile Sleeve Art Aqua

Head Shot Target 30 ft.
Paint Art Painting Line Circle

White Space Target. Have shot about 125 rounds and have 5 rounds left in the box. So shot a point and then tried to hit the hole with the others. About 30 ft out.
Art Paint Rectangle Font Painting

Overall evaluation. Now I understand the phrase "Shoots better than me". Trigger is fine. No issues with right thumb. (Don't understand how they had issues) POA = POI as near as I can tell. Bottom line, need to buy more ammo (down to 500 rounds of 9mm ball) as I can see I will be burning through some ammo with this one. Far superior to my Shield and lots more fun.
Only negative - why did I wait so long to get it?


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Now that's a range report!

Glad you like your new gun
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