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New from North Texas

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Long time (old) Ruger shooter. Retired Army and law enforcement. Newest Ruger is an SR762 that I will use for varmint hunting. Have put about 100 rounds thru it with iron sights, without a single malfunction. Trying to decide on a scope, but I really love this rifle.
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Welcome to RT....
Welcome to the forum! Glad you've joined us! :)
Welcome to the forum...
Greetings From Richmond/Rosenberg, TX
Welcome to the forum...enjoy.

Welcome from MI
I'm also a newb.

I was looking for another new SR762 shooter to compare notes:

I have shot about 200 German surplus rounds through my rifle. All mags have been PERFECT, and the weapon is considerably cleaner than my Springfireld M!A with only 50 rounds fired.

I hate the the sights (which I will resolve) but my only real issue is; when the weapon is clean, it takes CONSIDERABLE force on the charging handle to open the bolt to check to see if the weapon is charged. Once you have fired the rifle 30-50 times, it is considerably easier until you clean it, at which point it tries to lock up again. It fires just fine at all times, it is just very stiff.

I'm guessing that with a few hundred more rounds, it will smooth out.

Any comments?

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1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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