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Greetings from southwest PA! Dick's Sporting Goods opened up their first "Field and Stream" store in Cranberry, PA! Absolutely beautiful store- very much like a smaller version of Cabela's.

Gun prices seemed to be average to slightly above average (Ruger SR1911 was $800, most gen4 Glocks seemed to be around $600-$650).

But, most importantly, there was tons of ammo, and the prices were pretty good in most cases. Although there was a 3 box limit, there were plenty of bulk packs that only counted as one box (I bought a bulk pack of 1000 rounds of UMC 9mm FMJ for $250). I think there are more of these stores going up around the country- definitely a plus for avid shooters! Isn't that picture absolutely beautiful!?

1. Ruger SR9
2. Glock G27
3. Ruger SR1911


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Congratulations on your new store. Good you get some great deals in the future.

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