New Cerakote Silver LC9s at Range today

Discussion in 'Range Reports' started by Sky1, Jul 2, 2018.

  1. Sky1

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    I was a bit concerned over what this firearm would accept for ammo type, how it would shoot and perform after reading some negative reviews. To my amazement this gun shot flawlessly. I brought an assortment of ammo JHP +P and some round nose. Not one single failure after about 150 rounds. I did notice however loading the magazine required me to either press in on the release slightly or angle it back when inserting.

    Man this gun is accurate! I was drilling bullseyes at 7 - 10 yards the Hornidy Critical Defense round was the most enjoyable and was the most accurate that I shot it was a low recoil 115r grain. The LE 124+P Gold Dots were very punchy and loud in comparison. All rounds fell in a 2 " group. I was rather surprised over how well I shot today, haven't been to the range in a while. I just wish my eye sight was better for focusing on that front sight.

    I did not use any special grips, gloves nor did I use a laser. I carried the firearm concealed on the ride home and it was extremely comfortable in my new holster. I did not have to continually pull up my pant nor was it digging into my side.

    Went with this silver finish, looks kinda like Titanium, my first thought after I got home I thought it might have been a mistake but is really starting to grow on me. I also like that it is rather unique.

    Some guys next to me were doing mag dumps with their Glocks, I was okay with it though they were keeping it all on the target. But I couldn't resist but pull out the SP101 2 1/2" barrel and throw some 357 Magnum flames down range, which coincidentally causes everyones targets to float. :p
    So all in all was a fun day, tell me what you guys think of this new color Cerakote color Ruger is doing.

    Cheers! 20180702_125515[1].jpg
  2. buster40c

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    It does have a clean look to it. I would like to see it up close for a good visual comparison to my black LC9s.

  3. rugertoter

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    Looks pretty decent to me OP! Our daughter has the LC9s, that like some kind of blue color. Our son has the SR9, all black...he's like his dad! Lol.
  4. Sky1

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    Quick update, picked up a Lasermax Green Laser/light combo for it and had a custom OWB leather holster made as well. I am thrilled with the accuracy. No joke, I move the target as far back as I can and am able to keep a well defined a 3-4" grouping at 25 yards. Freakin amazing for such a small firearm. Something about the green is amazing, my eye is drawn to it instantly, with red I had to look around for it but this is bright as all getout in fact, I no longer use the light only the laser. At night the laser can illuminate the whole room.

    At the indoor range when several people are shooting, because of the smoke, you can see the whole beam. Way way better than red. I must say, I switch between focusing on the front site to the laser on the target. God forbid if I ever need this to defend myself I want to keep my eyes on the target NOT the front site. I know the experts say otherwise but I have to say I need to let the result speak for itself.

    All I can say is this firearm needs a laser, just be sure you get a green one. It is well worth the extra cost.
  5. Pancho_Villa

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    Muy Bueno compadre. I had a green laser on a 9mm carbine. I have glaucoma which kinda limits my vision. However, I could see the green laser at much greater distances than I could when I had a red one on it. Maybe I'll try one on my LC9s cause I have trouble seeing the sights on most of my handguns and rifles now.
  6. Magnum.357

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    3 to 4" groups at a 25 yards? Man, that is fantastic.
    I never could get groups like that from that distance, not even when I was young or while in the service. You made a great choice and a life investment.
    For something as small and very light, a shoulder harness is also a good choice. If you drive a lot, the weapon would always be at the ready vs on the waist band and difficult to draw while sitting. When walking around, it would be easy on the draw from under the arm.
  7. buster40c

    buster40c Well-Known Member

    I found that green is more visible than red for me on any type of sight. Dot or cross hair or laser green seems best for me.
    In daylight at 10 yards I really can't see a laser dot on a white target sheet. In house or dim outdoor light they are great though.
  8. Litehiker

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    Nice Sky1. Now it's truly your personalized pistol.
    I just had the slide of my LC9s black Cerakoted. Looks classy, resists rust.


    that is good shooting I like the 135 grain Critical Duty Round out of my Hell Cat 9mm.I would prefer that LC9 9mm to the LCP .380 !
  10. SGW Gunsmith

    SGW Gunsmith Active Member

    That pistol does [email protected]@K very nice being Dura-Coated. Have you noticed any wear on the slide or grip frame as yet?