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Black Hills' "Honey Badger" and Underwood's Lehigh "Xtreme Penetrator" and "Extreme Defender" 9 mm ammo are made of solid copper alloys with "X" or "+" shaped fluted tips that REALLY penetrate and, due to their light weight, have very good velocity.
I'm getting some of any of these I can get my hands on for my RUGER PC chassis carbine and try them at 100 yards from that 16" barrel. I'll use my Magnetospeed V3 chronometer on each version and I'm sure some will break 2,000 fps. from that long barrel.

I think these bullets may replace hollow points for many shooters due to their consistent performance in all mediums.
For SHTF situations I think they would be ideal. Soon those bullets should be available for reloading
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