Nevada "militias"

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    I've been looking into the various "militias" in Nevada just to see who the crazies are out there that may try to cause trouble after November 3rd if the Biden/Harris ticket wins.

    Nevada has a law that PROHIBITS armed private citizens from acting in ANY way that purports to be a military or law enforcement capacity. PERIOD.

    So I hope to hell I don't see any armed, camoflaged "militia" trying anything that even remotely appears to be supplanting law enforcement or military personnel. And if that does happen I also hope that law enforcement disperses them and/or disarms them. It is these "militias' that make many in this nation fear they will be the perpetrators of post-election violence. The existence of "militias" makes me glad that I am armed should their violence come to my neighborhood.

    Nevada, as with all other states, has a National Guard. They are the states' ONLY militia by a pre-WW I law that transformed all LEGAL state militias of the day into the National Guard. And the National Guards of the various states have served professionally, honorably and with courage in our nation's conflicts.
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    That was an impressive amount of propaganda bullshit to pack into a single post. Did you manage to keep a straight face the whole time you were spewing it? This bit of nonsense was particularly amusing:

    "They are the states' ONLY militia by a pre-WW I law that transformed all LEGAL state militias of the day into the National Guard."

    I shudder to think which bodily orifice you pulled that one from.

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    You obviously have no idea what the founding fathers meant by a 'militia'. It was far removed from your State sponsored National Guard. And you have even less understanding of why the National Guard was formed.

    Here is a clue, they are not sworn as the military to uphold the Constitution. Which means when the order is given they will open fire on the citizens just like they did in 1970 at Kent State University. That's why they used them and not the military.

    When push comes to shove the military will stand with the citizens, your weekend warriors
    like the local cops protect the powers that be. And those with the money.
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    So... "Quirky", you think a self-appointed "militia" would be professional enough to do WHAT??

    Just WHAT are the missions you see a "militia" doing?

    If Biden and Harris win this election WHAT do you see the role of "militias" during the lame duck period up to January 20?

    All I see is a bunch of ultra conservative guys eager to use their nifty ARs but then not so eager when the guy next to them gets his lower jaw shot off in a conflict with real troops.

    "Militias" will dissolve quickly in the face of professionally trained and disciplined troops. The tragedy is the live that will be lost on both sides and as bad, the damage it does to American unity.

    Read the Declaration of Independence. It says we should change governments ONLY WHEN ALL OTHER METHODS OF CHANGE HAVE FAILED. If you disagree with an election's outcome you get to work preparing for the NEXT election and NOT to take to arms to dispute it. This is the true test of a democracy and what separates our nation from failed nations and dictatorships.

    So "Quirky" I do not take any comfort in the existence of various self-appointed, extra-legal, ALL WHITE "militias". In fact I feel they are a danger to our democracy as likely do most Americans, especially people of color.

    The above is not to say that I will surrender my firearms should laws be passed as happened in Australia. Instead I would bury them in the desert and forest and sit in jail. Hey, I've got two daughters who are attorneys. They may or may not be able to spring me. Either way I will not surrender my arms. It's known as "Civil Disobedience" and it has a long and respected history all over the world, as is now happening in Belarus where citizens are PEACEFULLY protesting an election in masses despite curfews and orders against large gatherings.
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