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    Just got an LCR for CC. Would appreciate suggestions for IWB and SOB holsters.
    Thank you all
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    I bought a Talon holster made for the LCR and it fits and wears very well. I wear mine l/h owb and with just a loose hanging shirt it isn't noticeable. This holster cost me around $65 and there are other makes available that are around half the cost. This Talon tilts forward which IMO allows the butt to hide better without tracing as much. It is available right or left handed and can be worn IWB or OWB. I can take this holster and move it to r/h IWB or as it is L/H owb.
    I don't wear this holster anymore since I started carrying in my front jeans pocket. Again a long shirt covers any printing on the pocket. I only had one person looking at it and I suppose it was because he knew what little printing he was seeing. I don't think I was wearing a long shirt that day. Even without a shirt it doesn't print to much.

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    There are so many variables from person to person that your just gonna have to try several, before you find what your looking for. It seems that we all end up with a box of holsters that we no longer use.

    I will say this, Small of the back carry is hazardous to your health. If/when you get knocked on your backside, it is very likely to be injured. And frequently injured badly/permanently.

    Small of back carry also prints easier and is near impossible to defend against a snatch.

    Just some thing to think about!
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    Just bought a own made by josh bossart gun leather. Fits my sr1911 like a glove. Talk about top quality!!