Need depriming help this time!

Discussion in 'Ammo & Reloading' started by DrDenby, May 23, 2016.

  1. DrDenby

    DrDenby New Member

    OK. Using my Lee carbide sizing/decapping die.

    Every third or fourth 45ACP shell ends up pushing the die pin up thru the clamp at the top.

    This is getting soooo frustrating (although, my arms are getting quite the workout holding 2 wrenches and really torquing down on the clamp aligning the pin again) loosening the clamp and tightening it again.

    Why are some of these primers so hard to pop out?

    Am I missing a trick here to make it easier?

    Oh, and they are not crimped primers, just so stuck they push the pin up and that is with the pin clamp VERY tight.

  2. phideaux

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    You say its very tight...
    Make it VER VERY tight.

    If that don't work, take it apart and clean it really good with acetone,mor denatured alcohol.

    Let us know.

    probly should clean it good anyway ...


  3. VThillman

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    You are describing a 'charming idiosyncrasy' of Lee decapping dies. RCBS sizing/decapping dies do not have that idiosyncrasy - 'cause the pin can't get out that way. It can break instead, oh yeah..
  4. DrDenby

    DrDenby New Member

    Well it turns out that that clamp COULD tighten just a wee bit more. (I will remember the cleaning tips after a bunch of usage.)

    I couldn't get that last 1/4-1/8 turn cause of my bad hand, but buddy got it for me and it is trucking right along. And I had him tighten the other 2 dies down that extra bit, too while he was at it.

    Now if the supplier would just come thru with my bullets, I will be one happy camper.

    But they are still another week behind! :mad:

    Grrr it's worse than waiting on Christmas when little
  5. buster40c

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    Using my hand de-primer I get a few that finding the darn flash hole can really play games with me. Could be that your de-capping die pin was moving around a bit and wasn't finding the flash hole so it pushed the pin up.
    I hand de-prime all mine before putting them into the tumbler. I do this because I read where the spent primer can be quite filthy with residue which can gunk up the dies for de-priming. That may be baloney but I do it.
  6. Tommycourt

    Tommycourt Tommycourt

    Depending on the round you are trying to deprime, you could be hitting some military if you are using .45 cal. They will be marked with WCF or some nomenclature of the same. On 9mm some of the Federal rounds have an inner liner inside of the casing and those are almost impossible to deprime. One thing, so far you are lucky by not breaking your depriming pin. The depriming pin only needs to go about .003 depth to deprime. Another thing as far as resizing, there is a depriming lube that you can spray on your brass before depriming. Cost is about $6-7.00. One more thing, keep your dies as clean as possible. Use some electrical cleaner and spray the inside of them and blow them out with a can of compressed air or air compressor.