Nearly $71,000,000 spent on vacations

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    This is a truly disgusting amount of money. Yep, pure entitlement for King Osama Bin Obama.

    As Barack, Michelle, Malia and Sasha Obama, family, friends, pets and staff enjoy their half-month-long Hawaiian vacation, the Secret Service finally complied with a court order to release some Obama vacation expenses from two years ago.
    That's how eager the Obama administration is about being transparent when it comes to spending large sums of taxpayers' money on itself.
    As with the slow-motion releases of Hillary Clinton's emails, the idea of bureaucratic stalling, of course, is that the details become "old" news more likely to be ignored by media. Fortunately, we're not on vacation this week, so we can help the president out. Here goes:
    The new expense reports, heavily-redacted allegedly for security reasons, push the total known costs for vacations during Obama's reign to nearly $71 million -- with another full year to go. That's about $10.1 million per year in known expenses.
    The totals come from Judicial Watch, the dogged watchdog group that pursues such information through repeated Freedom of Information Act requests.
    Earlier this year Judicial Watch obtained transportation costs for a pair of the Democrat's cross-country golf weekends just in 2015. They totaled nearly $2 million, or $20,000 per hole, the Washington Examiner calculated.
    In February, for instance, Obama spent President's Weekend golfing with male friends in Palm Springs. At $206,000 per flight hour, that trip set taxpayers back $1.03 million. That does not include other costs such as security and transportation.
    Of course, even with Camp David available for free in Maryland every president goes on vacation, though none have gone so far so often as the Obamas, sometimes in separate planes.
    Their family trips to Hawaii, for example, require at least 18 hours of Air Force One flight time at $206,000 per flight hour. Or $3.7 million minimum.
    Complaints of over-spending on personal travel have dogged this first couple starting with Michelle Obama's luxury vacation with friends to Spain at the peak of the recession and subsequent family excursions during the nation's weakest economic recovery since World War II.
    As we reported earlier this year: The Obamas have "traveled more than any other first family, often with Mrs. Obama's mother and her friends. By the summer of 2014 the Obamas had taken 31 international trips lasting 119 days. At the same point in his presidency, Ronald Reagan had taken 14 such trips over 73 days.
    "When the family visited Ireland in 2013, taxpayers were hit for just under $8 million, including a quarter-million dollars for a two-day side-trip to Dublin for the Obama women. They chose a $3,500-per-night hotel suite in addition to 29 other rooms for their traveling party at the five-star hotel.

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    Unbelievable! Well not really. Nothing they do really surprises me anymore.
    Does the first link work for everyone? I get a page unavailable

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    Link worked for me...

    OPuker is so high above us peons...

    He is also the biggest hypocrite in the world.

    Ill be so glad when he is gone...

  4. havasu

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    I like the fact that this was a court order!

    the Secret Service finally complied with a court order to release some Obama vacation expenses
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    I am sure he felt bad about spending the money. He has gotten more paid on vacations then his job even pays. 71 million for one vacation!!!
    How can anyone hate this country as bad as he does and still be president. I guess it is like HE said, it is because of his color. He got that right!
  6. Tommycourt

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    I am so relieved to hear he is NOT under any pressure to hear about our problems. He needs that time away to think and figure out how he is going to straighten this world out in the next year, starting with climate change and gun control. You know, he has a lot on his mind, none of which concerns how we manage to get by. He has done a good job on wealth re-distribution. He went from nothing to having anything he wants. Now that is true wealth redistribution. It's not easy being POTUS, or so he thinks, as his legacy needs to be preserved and there is a lot on his plate this coming year. If he would only watch more cable news, as he said he didn't, he might get a better idea of how we view our country. And there is that pesky ISIS that keeps rearing it's ugly head. The other countries need to kick their butt and they certainly are as his policies(?) are working. He has done a wonderful job and if you don't believe me, just ask him. End of my continuing rant!!!!!!


    BTW- Lame Brain has already started his agenda on gun control. He has to pass it by Loretta Lynch first. He has his hyenas pouring through the Constitution trying to figure out a way to bypass the 2nd Amendment. He says, and I don't doubt it one bit that he will try to use an executive fiat if Congress won't agree with him. How the H can he bypass Congress and break the law without facing any penalties? He did it with Bergdahl in trading terrorists for a traitor and NOTHING has been done nor is being said. The sheople need to wake up!!! By the time he is out of office, our country could and will be in shambles, far worse than it is now!!!
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    Friggin' jerk is livin' high on the hog using our taxes to fund his lavish lifestyle and at the same time driving up the National Debt...

    I'll be ECSTATIC when he moves his skinny ass down the road...and for the record becomes thee worst president to ever "serve" 8 years in the Oval Office.

    Waste of life...hope he goes back to Chicago and reaps what he has sown there....!!


    Time left until Obama leaves office

    383 days...10 hours...22 minutes...13 seconds

    ( Time until Friday, January 20, 2017 (Washington DC, EST)
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    What bothers me the most is that he, and his family- they are just as guilty- vacation at the expense of others. In other words, money they didn't earn, earned on the backs of Americans, and it is money that could have been used for military vets, orphaned children, or others LEGITIMATELY in need beyond what they can provide. This shows the extreme void of character that he, and his family, has.
    And, I could care less what other presidents did in the past- we aren't discussing them. Regardless of history, any person can decide today not to repeat it. Obama chooses to surpass it.
  9. buster40c

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    Yeah Obama you didn't make/earn that vacation, it was the citizens you have so much contempt for that paid for your vacation. Was Bush on the vacation with you? Dang can't blame Bush for millions spent on your vacation.
    Obama is the worst president in history of our nation and only he and his supporters could be proud of what he has accomplished. Yeah take credit for trashing a nation!