National Reciprocity: Act Now!

Discussion in 'Second Amendment and Legal' started by Reagan, May 16, 2015.

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    Take 3 mins, go to the GOA site. They have a link & article explaining the bills concerning National Reciprocity in congress. They also have a "contact your representative" with prewritten letter. EASY, DO IT NOW!
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    I've known about this for months. I get mailings from the GOA as well as other groups that I belong to or follow. and I've also not only called but also written all of my Senators and Reps in Washington to let them know how I feel about this matter. And to tell them to support it 100% in favor of it. I feel that it would be a good thing for this country to have. And that's because of the refusal of Obama and his Admin. to do what it takes to keep this country safe. They refuse to secure the borders and to keep illegal criminals out of the country. and the FBI and Even the CIA have been reporting that ISIS does in fact have terror cells in now every state and that there are even some ISIS Training Camps just 8 miles from the Texas and AZ borders as well. And that is why we are seeing more and more American citizens arming themselves for their own protection because Obama and his Admin. refuse to do anything to keep us or the country safe. In fact Obama wants more illegals to come to this country. And when they get here he wants to give them jobs and aide that the country just cannot afford to do.

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    This thread is perfect example of why we are losing this country to the progressive liberals. So many people say what can I do I am just one person that can't make a difference so they do nothing. People don't realize the way NRA and GOA and many others get action is by them getting people one by one to stand together in peaceful protest speaking up by calling or writing their representatives and posting on social media that we are not going to allow our representatives or the President to sink this country without at least a peaceful protest.
    This is exactly why the progressives want to label patriots, veterans, and the religious as bigger threats to this country than foreign terrorists. This is why the fore mentioned are being called homeland terrorists. For God sakes this is words from the higher up of our governing body. Anyone that thinks this country is run by a patriotic government in my opinion is believing the propaganda spread by the national news media. That is the voice from the controlling government which is trying at full speed to make the people the servants rather than the government serving the people.
    When or If this country goes down the tube it will be to late to ask what could I have done. The time is now for people one by one becoming the mass voices before it is all gone. People better realize the hope and change those running this country have in mind is not for we the people but the WE running things behind closed doors that we can't enter.
    This country is being divided in every aspect that it can be divided. A house divided can not stand which is exactly what those in power want. People IMO we are at the last stand and we better if it means one by one equaling a multitude make at least the smallest effort to keep it standing.
    Make those calls and flood the internet with the truth that this country is at the Last Stand right now and it needs every voice to be supporting that which this country was meant to be. Shut off the dang TV and get on the internet to find out what is happening. People would crap their pants if they knew what the Patriot Act, NDAA, and the about to be passed TPP will be the end all of this country. The fat lady is about to sing and it will not be the Star Spangled Banner.
    The above is not this forum speaking. It is only I and what I believe and stand for.
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