National CC reciprocity Bill

Discussion in 'Second Amendment and Legal' started by allenr, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. allenr

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    North Carolina Congressman Hudson introduced the Concealed Carry Act of 2017 yesterday I/3. Hudson is Trumps advisor on gun rights.

    Now if a similar bill is introduced in the Senate I believe it will quickly become law.
  2. Oldhand

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    Sounds good to me.:D

  3. buster40c

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    I will be surprised if it passes but it is long overdue. But then again I believe the 2nd has been so distorted by interpretation it is a wonder any of it still exists. Hopefully reciprocity would give the 2nd the power it was meant to have. Shall not be infringed.

    The 1st has had its meaning changed because of what was said that wasn't even in the wording or meaning of the 1st.

    The 2nd has also suffered by the wording militia being interpreted to mean other than the people even though it plainly says " the rights of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed". That seems to explain the militia would be the people.
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    From what I understand a similar bill has also been introduced in the Senate as well. But I don't know who submitted it.
  5. SHOOTER13

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    IF The Concealed Carry Act of 2017 cannot be passed with a Republican President...Senate & House...well, THEN IT NEVER WILL !!
  6. Tommycourt

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    I hate to say this but I don't think that a bill such as this will ever pass. You have too many states where the sheeple run the state. California and New York are the first that come to my mind. The anti's will always have the emotional issue that guns kill people not that people kill people. If you look at Chicago, Rahm Emanuel mayor, stated they will always be a sanctuary city and illegals are welcome. I can understand that! He was a bully when he served under Obama and still a bully as mayor and states that he will not enforce federal immigration laws. Yet his city has had more murders than New York and Los Angeles combined. With that type of mindset, you will never change their thinking. Hillary never had to carry a gun nor did Lame Brain as they have armed guards in their presence all the time. Emanuel has his own security force so he will never be in danger. The 2nd has been trampled on for so long that some have even lost the reason for the 2nd amendment. I hate to say this but I think this is a fact of life.

  7. conservative

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    Glad to see such encouraging sentiments! It may not pass, but it certainly won't if we the people don't make our voices heard on the issue.
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    Agreed 100 percent!