National a reciprocity bill in Senate

Discussion in 'Second Amendment and Legal' started by allenr, Mar 3, 2017.

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    Senator Cornyn ( R. Tex) has announced that he will introduce a National Reciprocity Bill in the Senate. No details of the bill are available. When introduced there will be bills in both the Senate and House. Maybe it will actually happen this year.
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    It could happen. :Cooltu:

    I believe the goal is to make your CCW work like your drivers license, valid in every state.

    Boy that's gonna tic-off some DemLib's if it becomes law. :D


  3. Tommycourt

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    I wish this could happen but you have some states that are totally against this: California, Mass and quite a few more. I can hear the dems now critisizing Trump and the Congress. If would be great if it passed and I am all for it but the dems can't find any common ground on anything.

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    The House version is matter of fact and does what needs to be done. The Senate version is not introduced and so not readable. Problem is to get to 60 votes to get a bill to the flor for a vote will force compromises in language at the least. At the worst it cannot get the needed 60 votes. I
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    I would think that since the Republiscums have majority that these things could get passed but for some reason they are saying the Democraps are still a big monkey wrench in it all.
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    It is the filibuster rule in the Senate that allows the obstacle. It only takes 51 Senator votes to pass a bill, but it takes 60 senator votes to the bill to the Senate floor for a vote. No logic in that. But both republicans and democrats subscribe to it so that either side can block bills from a vote. When the Framers wrote in the Constitution that both legislative houses bodies could write their mown rules I suspect that they never imagined that those rules might be so contra to majority rule. Both parties are screwing us.