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Please pray for my wife and our family as we go through this time of sorrow. I lost her last week do to a massive aneurysm. She had suffered from a 3 month long migraine,times of amnesia and sensitivity to light but no one knew what was causing it. Her Funeral is today. At least she's not suffering anymore.


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Oh man , Im so sorry, words seem so insignificant at a time like this,

Im just feeling deep sympathy for you.

We will pray for you and your family.

Is there anything I can do ?Pm me.


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I've walked in the shoes before. For a while there will be bad days and some not so bad days but you and your family will go on as your wife would want for you and family. Takes time but happy days will return and it is important to pay attention to the good days.
When it happened to me I was asked what am I going to do. At the time I thought that was such a stupid question. I answered I am going to go on and live. That is paying honor to your wife.
My prayers are for your family strength to abound in this time of sorrow and see joy return.
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