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    Went to the range today with my LW Commander and full size and I tried, for the first time some Power Pistol powder. I had 5 rounds of 7.4 grns and 12 rounds @7.0. I was shocked at the way this powder reacts! It is a hot powder with a lot of muzzle flash. Recoil on the 7.4 was hotter than a factory load and the 7.0 is very comparable to factory loads. From now on I am going to limit my loads to 7.0grns. The COAL was 1.255 and using lrg. Winchester primers. ONE MORE THING: Today I had a squib load using Titegroup powder. I was shooting my LW and it would not go back into the charge position. My first reaction was to change out mags which I did. After several attempts I tried the same rounds in my full size Commander and they had no trouble discharging nor loading. At first I thought I might have broken my recoil spring. The lighting isn't good at the firing line so I went to the gun shop and talked to Red the gunsmith. We tried to load a factory round and it would not go into charge. Then we stuck a light down the barrel and both seen the squib round. Thankfully it only went down the barrel less than a half inch and would not let me load back into full charge. I WAS LUCKY!!!! These were loads that were loaded on a single stage re loader and somehow I missed charging a round with powder. It goes to show, that no matter how many rounds you load, mistakes can happen. Somehow I had missed charging that 1 round and that could have caused irreparable damage. I told my wife when I got home that under no circumstances, when I am at my loading bench, do not do anything to distract me. YES, it was MY fault and I won't deny it. But when reloading, caution must be observed at all times.

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    Yes you got lucky the gun would not chamber another round. I guess the heavy 45 round is to much for just a primer shooting.

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    Your one fortunate guy,
    Someone was watching over you today.

    I am assuming that are ok with the Power Pistol powder,
    How did it do as far as accuracy?

    You should really think about a Chrony, as it is a valuable reloading tool.

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    I really didn't focus on the accuracy aspect as much as I normally do. After the saga of the guy who blew up his .45 I was more concerned about how the powder would react and my reaction to it. I only had 12 rounds @7.0 and 5 @ 7.4. Now that I have decided that I am going to stick to 7.0 as my max load, I will focus on my accuracy. This week I am going to try to load up 50 rounds and see how it affects accuracy compared to the Titegroup and will get back to every one. And YES, I had an angel over my shoulder today watching out for me and I will never take that for granted.

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    Damn it Tommy, please pay attention to the characteristics of each round you touch off. That squib round must have sounded - and felt - different from 'normal'.

    That 'individual attention' thing is why I avoid shooting more than 10 or 12 rounds at a time. I go look at the target, or write myself a note, something to reset my brain. Be simpler if I had a reset button to push...
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    This is NOT an excuse but here's what happened. Normally I only shoot 3-5 rounds per time. I have been working hard in my shop and doing a lot of welding while it's nice out. We went to my granddaughters birthday party and I was late getting to the range. I truly believe that somehow I got distracted and WAS NOT paying attention while I was shooting these rounds. They were the rounds that were handloaded and I was more concerned about the test rounds I have fired of which were 17 in total. I fired 2 rounds and put the weapon down and started to pick up brass on the floor as the range is small and rounds fly all over and I was stepping on them. I fired my 3rd round and that was the squib round. As I went to the 4th round, my slide assy would not go into full charge, so I ejected the mag and honestly thought I had a magazine problem, squib not even entering my mind! I tried about 3 times to load the pistol and a couple of different mags and got the same results. I actually thought I may have broken the return spring, so I pulled out my full size SR1911 and finished off the rounds I had. The firing line lighting is not good so I thought I will tear it down when I get home. Red, our local gunsmith was there and he said : How did you shoot today Tommy?" My reply was I broke one of my guns. He told me to come over to the shop and let's look at it. He said he knew I did a good job reloading but asked me if I had tried a factory round. I said no cuz I rarely carry any with me. He pulled out 5 rounds of Magtech and tried to load it and then he said "let me get a bore light". That's when we found the squib. As I stated Bob, it was totally my fault for 2 reasons.
    1. I got distracted when I was pouring powder and missed that round.
    2. I got distracted picking up used brass rather than completing my
    shots and NOT focusing on finishing my battery of rounds. I took it for granted that I would not have any problems as I have loaded over 5K of these rounds and never had any problems. It re-inforced my thinking bigtime: NEVER EVER TAKE ANYTHING FOR GRANTED. MY MISTAKE WAS THAT I DID!!!!

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    Takes guts to stand in front of us all and admit you messed up, Tommy. So I say, Thank you, and hopefully we all learn from this.
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    Yeah man, you could get a job at blazer any day.