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    I missed the last 2 weeks at the range. I got the flu bug due to our cold weather and it knocked me on my butt. I didn't want to infect anyone down there so I stayed at home. I fired 130 rounds @25', 230 gr RN Berry and 4.5grns of Titegroup. I had a good group for me (approx. 3" circle) so I felt pretty good about it. I shot both my LW Commander and my full size. I got to visiting with a fellow shooter who said he "blew up" his .45 a couple of weeks ago. He was using Power Pistol and he loaded 8.7grns and was shooting 185gr. semi wad cutters. It blew the breech out and the right side of the grip and his hand was still really sore. I asked him why he loaded over specs and he said he didn't. I looked at Power Pistol before, and it concerned me as my brother just brought me a 4lb keg from Ca. My Lyman's book said that 8.1 was max. He said, and I am going from what he said, he called Alliant and they said 8.7 was max. I just got through setting up my Dillon Square D to load Power Pistol and I set the powder charge @7.5 grns. Alliant is very hard to nail down the min and max loads on paper. Does anyone have the min and max charges and where is it stated on paper. I don't trust loading threads, but use them as guidelines until I verify on paper/book the proper loads. It's stated on the Alliant loading chart that 8.1 is the proper charge but not if that is starting or minimum. Any info on starting charge and max charge would be greatly appreciated.


    Buster: it has been 62 degrees here so it's freezing for me. Do you have any Alaska fur coats I can borrow? 62 degrees here is plumb cold compared to what I am used to.
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    On the Alliant Warning page before you enter the reloading guide it says......

    This is the warning page:
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    Tommy, the Hornady manual 9th edition lists, for .45 Auto 185 gr. SWC Target, a starting load for Power Pistol at 6.1 grains and a max load at 8.9 grains.

    The Lee 2nd Edition manual doesn't have a listing for the SWC 185 gr. The only listing for Power Pistol is under 185 gr. XTP - and the max load is 9.5 grains!

    Hah! I'm pretty sure I would go with the Hornady starting load, to, ah, start with. ;)