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Discussion in 'Range Reports' started by Tommycourt, Jul 3, 2016.

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    Today I did something different. Instead of taking my SR1911 LW .45 I took my Model 17-5 Smith & Wesson .22. I have had it for years and had not sighted it in for the last 15 years or so. I was shooting Winchester Super X ammo. At 25 feet with it on a rest, I could hold 20 rounds inside of a silver dollar. I was so excited! But glory never lasts long. I fired another 30 rounds free hand and could only hold my pattern to 2 1/2 " and I had to work at it to do it. I would shoot 3 rounds, rest for a second and shoot another 3 rounds. This is the first time I have shot a revolver in probably 15 years. Don't know why I keep this pistol other than it is a good one to have, but my wife won't let me shoot skunks with it anymore. They stink up the whole place. Last one I shot, I tried to hit the belly and hit the head instead. It stunk up the whole yard and I caught hell ever since. Wasn't my fault, he should have turned around when I aimed. But a day at the range is never wasted but savored!!!!!


    Wish I had a lot more of that ammo but am down to about 600 rounds left. That is still good ammo to use as far as I am concerned.
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    Tommy you are right, Super X is good stuff. It's what I always hope a new .22 likes best, but sometimes the little rascals have other plans!
    Now, about the skunks...Where do you shoot one without making it reek? I can never shoot one without it stinking no matter where I hit it, so I go big - as in, .223 at the very least. 25/06 works well. To my mind there's no such thing as too much gun when you're dealing with skunks. So, I leave the .22 in the house.

  3. Tommycourt

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    I live in a 60+ living area where are yards are fenced and only about a 160 feet wide and 125 feet deep. I would try to blame it on the neighbors but I am the only one that shoots here. Besides, I live in a county island and the sheriff's dept drive around and patrol all the time. Neighbors don't worry when they hear a shot or two however my wife goes nuts. The last skunk I shot was on our patio and she had all the windows open and it was spring time. I told her to shut the windows and shut her nose. That went over like a lead balloon.:cheesy: Was gonna tell her to shut her mouth but that would have been a waste of time.

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    Tommy you were right in not telling her to shut her mouth. Oh you would have had a heck of a stink from her if you had told her that. I was told never tell a woman to shut up.
  5. Tommycourt

    Tommycourt Tommycourt


    Regardless of what I tell her I am going to catch the dickens. I told her one day to get rid of the computer because she knows everything and the computer is worthless. Sometimes I go out and talk to the tree in my back yard and get better answers than I can get from her. They say marriage is an institution, but so was Alcatraz.

  6. my man goes out shooting out here wish i had my own gun to shoot and maybe you need a silenter then she wont hear the gun shoot or buy her some ear plugs :D
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    I promise I wont tell your wife that you said that ^^... I promise.:teehee:

    If I receive that check in the mail soon....

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    Tommy, it is a conspiracy, our mothers don't teach us to cook so we get married. My grandfather married a third time cause he couldn't cook. ;) Wife doesn't get home until Monday, I am wearing out the micro wave range.;)