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    This may be in the wrong category however it's more than just my range report. I took my SR1911LW .45 and shot 80 rounds, double tapping and did fine. Then I took my SR1911LW 9mm Commander out for it's initial firing. I just got it this week so this was it's maiden voyage.

    At first I was having problems with rounds not properly feeding into the magazine. I had 3 rounds that failed to load properly. I believe the problem was in the magazine not properly feeding the rounds into the mag. Then I was having problems with aiming. My .45 I have to have the front sight just a hair above the rear sights. I concentrate only on the front sight when shooting. The 9mm is dead on if you line up the fronts and rears. After about 20 rounds I got the hang of it. This pistol will shoot where ever you aim it at. DEAD ON! It has been a long time since I have fired a 9mm so it took a little getting used to. I started double tapping to see how I would do. Without the recoil, it was extremely easy. I had the gunsmith measure the trigger pull and it was 5.7lbs which is much more than my .45 which is set a 4lbs. The feel of the pistol is far different than my .45 being more narrow and lighter in weight. Even with the heaver trigger pull, it was a delight to shoot. After I put 500-600 rounds through it, I will have a trigger job done. At first it was a little gritty, but after 100 rounds, it started to smooth out. Length of pull was short and reset was also very short. The mag is designed to hold 9 rounds however the spring is so strong that 8 rounds is all I could get in.
    Ammo used was reloads: 115grn Berry plated and using 4.4 grns of W-231. I believe my COAL was 1.150. I might be off on that as I had a mixture of rounds that I shot. I shot 175 rounds.

    I will say this: if you are even THINKING of buying a SR1911 9mm, don't hesitate! I think this is one of the finest pistols that Ruger has made. I will still carry my .45 as EDC but will switch off and on and sometimes carry my 9mm. In my part of the country, the 9mm is hard to find even though I live 90 miles from the factory in Prescott. They are presently swamped with orders for the LCPII and can't fill the demand. For self defense on the 9mm I will use Hornady 124 XTP or the Critical Defense. I hope this will give some of you a little more insight to this gun.
    Any questions that need to be answered, I will be glad to offer my opinion.

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    Glad you like it. Sounds like providing the shooter can stay focused then the gun will take care of the rest. Good report on it. I have heard many guns when new will not easily take the maximum rounds in the mag. I have heard a few say leave the mag loaded to capacity while in storage in order to get the magazine to accept the max rounds. In other words breaking in the spring and follower.

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    great, honest report. I also think that the SR1911 9MM is a home run.
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    Been looking at a Colt Competition Pistol...gotta love a Single Action 1911a1 in 9mm...always loved the trigger on my Gold Cup National Match...(my gift to myself in January)

    ◾Dual Spring Recoil System™
    ◾Novak® Adjustable Rear Sight
    ◾Fiber Optic Front Sight
    ◾Undercut Trigger Guard
    ◾Upswept Beavertail Grip Safety
    ◾Custom Blue Colt Logo G10 Grips
    ◾5” National Match® Barrel
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    if you keep bragging about all of your ruger 1911's, you're gonna eventually make me buy one. Just like the devil made you buy this one, you're gonna make me buy one......
    And I've already spent my gun money for the rest of the year! But hey, new year's is coming up.....
  6. Tommycourt

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    Take a few bucks out of your matress and just go buy one. Your bed must hurt your back with all that money stuffed in there.
    I got my mattress stuffed with hay and I get lumps in it. Yours is stuffed with hundred dollar bills and if take some of the twenties out, you will sleep much better!!!!


    Seriously, you will really enjoy the SR1911LW 9mm. It really is a sweet shooter!