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Hey Jim if it isn't a family recipe secret what is your recipe for home made spaghetti sauce?
Yeah a family recipe...Mrs Wages, with a little added touch,

each batch , we add about 1/2 cup each of Bell peppers, Sweet Banana peppers and onion, all chopped then blended in blender with 6 lb of tomatoes, and the sugar.

Just follow the directions on back.

Then we hot water vat can it in pints.

We love it, and anybody that has had it loved it.
I think its the Sweet Banana peppers that give it a unique flavor.

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I am going to try making some. I will use stevia leaves instead of the sugar. I buy the stevia leaves in a 5lb. bag that way I know I am really getting real stevia and not a lot of fake sugar powders. I also will use a coffee grinder to make powder out of the leaves. And guess what? The powder isn't white like the supposedly stevia powder they sell in the stores.

Thanks for the recipe heads up Jim. Sweet red bell pepper and sweet banana peppers and Italian spices added should make a good tasting sauce. I have been wanting a good sauce without all the sugar and preservatives for when I have spaghetti squash.

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We used our homemade Paul Newman's marinaro sauce. It has bullet holes in the top just like you showed in the top pics Jim.
No, I lied, it comes already packed in a nice sealed jar. Sorry, I got confused.........again!!!

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