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->During the LONG wait for a 57 to become available (at a decent price) I had already taken delivery on a RUGER store Kydex holster and one more 20 round magazine.
->Soon after I got my 57 I had the slide black Cerakoted and ordered a double mag pouch of Crye Multi-Cam Cordura from "The Vest Guy". His workmanship is great as I knew from the 2 double mag pouches for my long PS90 50 round mags.
Finally I bit the bullet and ordered a HOLOSUN 509T fully enclosed titanium circle/dot sight complete with a solar panel for reticle illumination backup. my gunsmith drilled the proper holes in the included mounting plate to match the 57s slide. The 6 o'clock positions on the circle are great for aiming over 50 yards and consistently hitting torso targets.

**So far i've had no magazine malfunctions but did see a YouTube video on how to use Teflon tape too overcome follower hang up if it malfunctions begin to happen. WILL RUGER MAKE A BETTER FOLLOWER? Will someone make a 3D printed better follower?

As a "companion" to my PS90 I see the 57 as a great pistol with excellent ergonomics and good build quality. I'll be taking it to a carbine training course early next year.
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