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Discussion in 'Range Reports' started by Tommycourt, Jun 12, 2016.

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    Went to the range today and fired 100 rounds of .45 cal. I was shooting my SR1911LW with 5.7grns. of W-231 and using Berry 230grn RN. At 30 feet I managed to keep my rounds (except for 4) within a 4" circle, which for me is pretty good. I shot 85 rounds @30 feet and then tried 15 rounds at 10 feet. At 10 feet I kept the 15 rounds inside of a silver dollar which made me happy. Of course I was aiming and we all know that should we need to use our weapons at 10 feet, we would not take the time to aim. I did have 1 round that did NOT fire. Upon getting home, I dismantled the round and it had powder and the primer had a good strike. I am using Winchester large pistol primers and that is the first time a Winchester primer has failed to ignite. I have used them for years. I do think that 5.3 grains of W-231 is the optimum powder for .45 cal instead of using 5.7 grains. I have targets at home I have saved and compared them and the best ones are with the lower powder usage. My COAL consistently runs @ 1.250 which varies at times approximately .003-.005. All said, any day at the range is a good day although it was warm down there today. Our temps are running 105-108 degrees and they said it would be back up to 111 degrees by the upcoming week-end.

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    That's darn good shooting Tommy, in anybody's book.
    In 108 degrees....very good.

    The doctors wont let me go outside much if its above 90.

    Hit 97 today with 87% humidity.


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    For practical purposes, you are shooting good, Tommy. I hope to get to the range tomorrow with the SR40c; don't expect to do nearly as well at 30'. Plan to move in to 20' and do a mag's worth of point-shooting.

    Supposed to get up to 80 tomorrow; been no higher than 68 for a week or so, mostly colder.
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    Nice shooting Tommy good report.;)
  5. Tommycourt

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    Thanks guys,
    Bob, hope you can make it to the range this week-end. I might not go as the weather report came out today and they said that Saturday it's going to hit 118-120 degrees. I might take a quick run down and fire 50 rounds, if I can stand the heat, just to see how I do. All the south is getting hit with rain and tornados and we are sweltering here. Talked to my buddy and brother in Ca and they said the fog rolls in and doesn't burn off til noon, and it's in the low 70's with gusty winds. At those temps, I would have to put my winter coat on. I can stand the heat(maybe) but I worry about you Texicans with all your rain and flooding. Stay dry if you can people!!!!

    Tommy from the land of the scorching sun-Az