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Well got to take it out today and sling a little lead. Not as much as I would have liked though. First off, it's late January in Vermont. Wasn't long before I couldn't feel my fingers anymore. Secondly, about 50 rounds in the rear sight shifted to the left dramatically and I neglected to bring the Allen wrench to readjust it. Anywhoo, rounds #1 & #3 failed to chamber. Possibly my bad in loading the magazine or can chalk it up to the newness of the pistol. Other than those two it performed perfectly using CCI Mini Mags. Pretty decent grouping at around 15 yards. Not quite as good as my Ruger Mark II, but nothing to complain about.

Now the bad. The ambi thumb safety is a bit sloppy and tends to rub the bottom edge of the slide. I'll be swapping that out for a non-ambi one. The recoil spring guides on these are prone to breaking so that will be replaced as a precautionary measure. And on a personal preference note, the plastic grip safety will be replaced with a metal one. Also will be looking into better sights.

Those few issues aside, I really love this pistol and anticipate a long time of assaulting cans & targets.

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Are those pearl grips ?

Your choice and that's fine but I'm with General Patton this time.

"Only a New Orleans Pimp would carry a gun with Mother of Pearl grips".
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