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    Today being the day after Christmas I had to take one of my gift cards to Tractor Supply and pick up some welding clamps I have wanted for a long time but didn't have the money. One of my step sons gave me a card so I could finally get them. I stopped at one of my LGS's and I thought I was in Wal-Mart during the Friday night rush hour. There wasn't even a parking place hardly in sight. Only place I could find I had to use my handicap card. This parking lot will hold between 75-80 cars normally. Ammo was almost sold out in some calibers. I happened to pick up a box of American Eagle and I noticed the box was "shelf" worn so I looked inside (.45 cal) Half of the box was Federal with small primers and the other half was Blazer with small primers. The only sealed boxes were Mag Tech and usually they are large primers. Guns were flying off the show cases and rifle racks. I have never seen so many people buying guns before. It was like a mania! I did notice that there were no guns with special pricing- they were all high priced and no dealing. I heard 1 salesman tell a customer :"that's our price and if you don't want it, someone will buy it". Anyway I just wonder how many other LGS and Bass Pro is doing and how fast are they selling?

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    I was at a Rural King in Florida right after the San Bernadino shootings and there was a long line two deep at the gun counter of at least 20 people. They had a sale going that placed their prices at the high end of regular online retail.

    I like to buy guns when they are really, really cheap. It means I need to be flexible and have the budget ready. I would pay a little extra to support a local business, but I won't act out of desperation and buy in a panic.
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    I went to a gun show about 3 weekends ago; prices were higher on everything, with some guns $200+ higher than normal. My favorite local shop has been slammed like you experienced, and they have been selling 40-50 guns a day, for weeks. There have been times that I've been in there, and you couldn't get close to the cases/counter.
    I took a gun in there the other day to get a trade value- I know how that works, and what to typically expect- and they blew my socks off. In a bad way- I've never had a trade lowballed so bad. I'd give it away to someone who cared before I'd trade it at that price. They are a good shop, but the current atmosphere has changed how they are doing business.
    On a side note- for the first time ever, Mrs. Hodge bought me a handgun for Christmas!!! She got me a Glock 23 (gen 4), and I couldn't have been more shocked! As Clark Griswold said, "If I woke up tomorrow with my head sewn to the carpet, I wouldn't be more surprised than I am now."
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    You can thank Opuker and Hitlery, for another rush on gun sales and ammo sales.

    Everytime,, either one opens their mouth ....out comes 4 words......."assault weapons"....and...."gun control".

    Sheople are skeered...sheople gun stores....Prices ^^.:rolleyes: