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Both of my brothers carry a gen 1 Elsie Pea. They just don’t think my Elsie Pea Dos is that much better. Can’t blame them, they have been good companions to them.

I like what you did to the sights. Really pops! I think I will steal your idea.

I also still want a single stack 9. My single stack of choice is the KAHR. But (there is always a but) I am an avowed Ruger Fanboi. I wish I had bought a LC9s Pro when they were being made. I do think I will buy a EC9s. The price is right and as good as the KAHR trigger is, I do like the single action style trigger on the Ruger. Not a fan of manual safeties on a social firearm, and I do not like a magazine disconnect. But the safety is not foreign to me and Ruger somewhat negates my argument against the mag disconnect with the inclusion of the New Jersey compliant magazine that ships with the EC9s.

Nice pair of Rugers you have!
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