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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by jstanfield103, Oct 18, 2015.

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    DoubleR has asked me a couple times to introduce myself so I thought that I might as well. So here it goes.

    I am a 53 year old avid shooter. I live in Kentucky (which is the state that has more guns per person than any other state)
    I am a Factory work at the same company for 21 years. Loyal husband that married his high school sweet heart, and my true love. Have two grown children.
    I have had literally every gun on the planet over the years. First I would sale them because of financial reasons now if they are hanging around not getting used I sell them. I have had all manufacture built guns also. I have recently settled to three calibers though, .357/.38 , 44 Magnum and 9mm with one .380. I am pretty well also stuck on three manufactures anymore. I like Marlin rifle (Lever Action) and those are the only rifles I have. I like S&W but only have two of those right now getting ready to add to that manufacturer. But my absolutely favorite and pick my Ruger's up every time over all the other guns I have in my house.
    I use to have 9 .22lr guns, but when the last 22lr shortage hit and after 3 years of looking and struggling to get ammo I got fed up and sold all my 22's except my OM Single Six that is unconverted. I then bought a Dillon Press and have been loading and enjoying my .38/357's and my 44 magnums the most. My GP100 6" and my 44 Magnum Redhawk I will put up against any other gun out there. I do not like some of the Ruger auto's due to the Loaded Chamber indicator. Would love a SR9 but refuse because of that LCI.
    Any way that is just a little bit about my self. except I use to work several years in a Prison and was a firearms instructor there. I have been shooting guns since I was about 10 years old and my first was a Ruger Mark 1.
    Thanks for reading and hope that I did not bore you too awful much. P.S. I reading about 10 different Gun Forums at least twice a day including this one that I really forgot about and just started reading again. I believe that I quit reading this Forum because there was not much traffic on here. I am hoping to start adding some traffic and hopping this forum will catch fire like some of the others.
    have a great day everyone. Thanks for having me:cool:
  2. DoubleR

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    That has to be one of the best intro's!!!
    Welcome and thank you!
    We're so happy to have you join us! You have a lot uncommon with quite a few of our members.
    Things have been picking up around here. We hope you enjoy it here and stay :)

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    Now that was a good intro. I am like you in that if I don't use a gun then I usually sell it. Unless I just really like all about the gun. Like my Kimber Ultra Carry 11. It rests in the night stand.
    There are more than a few re-loaders here that would be more than interested in discussing it with you.
    RT is getting new members fairly often now.
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    Welcome to RT,

    Thanks for the introduction.

  5. berettabone

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    There's plenty of traffic, don't stand on the white line........................................................welcome..............................................
  6. jstanfield103

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    Thanks guy's, I am glad that I did not bore you. I did not think my intro was that good but I am very pleased you all liked it. I will hang around and lets see if this can over take some of the other Forums out there and make it to the top.
    Love my Ruger's.
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    Welcome aboard
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    Welcome to the forum!
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    Welcome to the R/T !!