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My Friend Mark scored himself an adolescent Boar Shoat of about 50 pounds from 90 yards with one shot with an AR-15 .223 / 5.56 mm Rifle . Mark aimed and hit the Hog in the head from 90 yards with the Wolf Ammo 75 grain Hollow Point the bullet past thru the Hogs Head leaving an exit hole the size of a quarter . The Hog went down like a stone , Mark then field dressed and skinned the Hog in quick fashion we then loaded the Hog and dropped it off at the butcher for processing where it will become 25 pounds of Southern Hot Sausage , We plan to hunt hogs for a few more days and I will post photos of the Hog if we score some.


My Friend has been a big help in my Feral Hog & Coyote and other Dangerous Animal Eradication business , He has made a few trips down and never went home with out a Hog or Coyote Kill . I enjoyed this day as a good time was had by all.
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