My first Ruger Centerfire Semi.

Discussion in 'Ruger Center Fire Pistols' started by CajunBass, Nov 8, 2015.

  1. CajunBass

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    I've owned a bunch of Ruger semi-auto 22's over the years. Best 22 automatic ever made in my humble opinion.

    However I had never owned one of their centerfire autos until recently. I'm a revolver guy at heart but wanted something cheap to shoot 9mm at the range. I spotted this Ruger P-95DC at the local gun store and offered them $250.00 for it (they were asking $300.00) and was somewhat surprised they took it so quickly...shudda offered less I suppose.

    Anyway, it only had a ten round mag which is fine for me at the range. And it has been a ball at the range. It just eats my reloads like a hound dog eats dog chow, and is just lights out accurate making a big hole where the X ring used to be from the ten yard line. Cool gun. My wife loves it too, and shoots it better than she does her Glock 17.



    The D/A trigger is long but to tell you the truth I don't use it all that much. It's a range toy so I just chamber a round and start shooting. I don't think it's jammed once in the 500 or so rounds we've put through it. The recoil is very soft. I put a drop of orange nail polish on the front sight so my old eyes can see it better.
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    Congrats on the new range toy,

    Old Rugers are hard to beat,

    and oh yeah, the old eyes need help here too,


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    The P95 Rugers have had a long run and very were well liked by many.
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    I Love my P94 and you are correct accuracy is awesome. It will out shoot my S&W M&P daily and my Ruger LC9S. I bought mine with the 10 round magazine then I purchased a Mec-Gar 17 round Magazine for it and never looked back.
    Congratulations on the P95 but it sounds like you may loose it to the wife and probably would not mind that at all. :)
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    I am exactly the same as a 'revolver person' and thinking of taking the plunge for a big semi. I had the Mustang Colt .380 and I miss it but I love hand canons. I won't give up my love for revolvers though. They are just too damn fun! Beautiful Semi you got! Just shoot slower and enjoy! :D