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My least favorite season is HOT HUMID ,tick infested, skeeter infested, storm infested , exspensive to cool, sweat infested, cant do anything outside(except maybe water sports) SUMMER.:spot:

I do enjoy , to a certain degree, pun intended, the brisk cold of temps rarely below 20 degrees, occassional snowfall (less than 3-4 inches),with non of the affore mentioned problems of summer. I heat with wood= cheap,I can dress to be outside, not bad at all. WINTER.

Spring time is high on my list, warm enough for short sleeves, watching all the new growth happenng, flowers blooming, planting things, but theres usually TOO MUCH rain to do a lot outside, except mow...mow...mow. SPRING.

Now that only leaves the best time of the year, when the temps are great 50s-60s, the bugs are all leaving, the grass stops growing, the leaves are falling and beautiful colors, not much rain, harvest time for farmers, no heating or cooling needed, Halloween Thanksgiving, and Christmas is upon us, the kids al are back to school, most hunting seasons open,
I could go on and on....


btw, only 3 1/2 months to go.

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Same here.I always say winter is my favorite (to oppose summer;)) but in reality fall is :D. It's wierd,as a kid I use to like them all equally,but now the hot summers really burn me up :mad:,so to speak ;).
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