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Discussion in 'Range Reports' started by Tommycourt, Apr 4, 2016.

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    I missed last week due to the holiday (Easter, which our family celebrates) so I was a little off today. I know that I need to get back to dry firing again on a more regular basis, which I have been neglecting due to other wifey duties. I fired 50 rounds of .45ACP with 6.9 grns. Power Pistol and 50 rounds with Titegroup. After firing approx. 500 rounds of each powder, I really believe that the Titegroup is a better suited powder for my RugerSR1911. Groups tended to be about 1" tighter. When loading Titegroup I use 4.6 grns. and always use Berry 230gr. RN. COAL runs between 1.250 & 1.255 for both powders. I also believe that Titegroup is a cleaner powder in burning and cleaning up my pistol when done. I still have 3lbs. of Power Pistol so I will eventually use it up as most of my shooting is plinking paper and then I will dig into my 7lbs. keg of Titegroup. I am sure some may differ on their opinion which I respect as this is just MHO. I would gladly trade my Power Pistol for W-231 or HP38. But as it turns out, any day at the range is a good day!!!!

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    12:30 AM 4/4/2016...... Checked Midway USA, they have one pound bottles of Win 231. They want $25.99 per pound.

    + $19.99 Haz Mat + $9.99 shipping.

    The Haz Mat and shipping are killers unless you buy a bunch! (No mention of limits).
    If I'm reading it right, up to 48 lb's per one Haz Mat. Don't know if a large order changes the shipping rate.
    AND, they say 6~8 weeks to ship.

    It's a good sign that they (and some other on-liners) have at least some pistol powder.
    My guess is powder will be available in your area sometime soon......... hopefully. ;)

    Hang in there Tommy, I "think" it's coming back, maybe.

  3. phideaux

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    Nothing beats trial and error for each individual gun...powder...bullet....primers.

    You know the saying "experience is the best teacher".

    Sometimes, it takes a little more time than we are willing to allow..:)

    Glad you took the time.

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    I have a pound of Power Pistol, but haven't got into it. About the 'dirty', I wonder if that is related to a less-than-full case. As you are no doubt aware, 2400, IMR4227 and H110 are 'dirty' powders in that circumstance. I haven't loaded 2400 - or Unique - since around 1980, but remember Unique as dirty, and the 'starting' loads of 2400 as being really messy - unburned grains, soot... .
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    I definitely agree light loads will be dirty with most powders. Until you blow the case mouth enough to seal the chamber you will get blowback of burned powder.;)
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    While many may argue this, in my personal experience in loading less than full, placing some cotton (from a cotton ball) in the shell to stabilize the powder works. I get a much more consistent burn, less unburned powder and a higher degree of repeatable accuracy and velocity. It's not drastic, but it's measurable.
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    I think Dacron fibers are supposed to be very good for .38 special loads, to fill the case and keep the Powder at the primer end. Supposedly it burns instantly on ignition.

    I'm seeing pistol powder constantly here in Iowa. 231 can be found pretty regularly. Titegroup, power pistol, red dot, etc. are much more spotty, but if you put in the leg work they are out there.
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    My wife makes quilts, so I have borrowed some of her fiberfill material to fill the space wonders.

  9. VThillman

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    This 'stuffing' thing ought to be of use in the .45 Colt CA. Gotta write it down somewhere; somewhere I have a chance of finding it when I load .45 Colt again.