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    I have decided if I am going to watch any NFL game, which is seldom anyway, then I will not watch the very beginning and I will mute all commercials. I don't have to be part of a captive audience for political BS and I don't have to support the BS by watching the advertisements.
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    As I have previously stated: if the players don't want to stand for the National Anthem then they don't have to. They can be fined every time they fail to stand to show support for all who supported our country so they can have that freedom. Most make a minimum of $2 million dollars per year, so I propose a $50,000.00 fine for each time they fail to stand. The money received from the fines will go to Wounded Warriors and St. Judes hospital for cancer treatments for children. Any time any player wants to kneel he may do so, and the league should automatically deduct the money and send it immediately to the afore mentioned charities. Your choice players.........


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    WOW Wounded warriors is anti gun! Now that's surprising or maybe not. The contribution money could be possibly going towards funding anti gun crap for all we know. I will not be sending them a dime.

    The reason I don't give to the Red Cross is two fold. My uncle said that during WWII the Red Cross charged the soldiers for things like candy or whatever but the Salvation Army gave freely to the soldiers. He said he would never give the Red Cross a dime after seeing that. The second reason is because it was reported that the woman CEO president of the American Red Cross has a salary of over half a million dollars. To each his own but I am not giving to any charity that pays a salary that high. I will not contribute one penny to her salary. That half a million could do a whole lot more good for those that need help. I bet she could do just fine on $50,000 a year salary. Well she might have to give up a few of her extravagances if she has any. Like I said to each his/her own choices.
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    No fight there with me, but I hope you do realize the Red Cross is a multi-billion $ company, where 95% of the employees are volunteers. If this was a Fortune 500 company, she would be earning in excess of $18M a year. Also, the Red Cross has never charged at anytime, since Clara Barton bandaged both the Confederates and the Union soldiers during the Civil War. I am guessing but I bet you that someone got something for free from the Red Cross, and then sold it under the Red Cross label for a profit. This happens all the time. I caught a guy who asked for a truckload of water and I gave it to him. He was arrested an hour later selling the water I gave him for $20 a case to needy folks.

    Lastly, please look at their official standings. Over 90% of all money raised goes directly to the mission, and not to the administration.

    What percentage of my donation goes to the Red Cross?
    Financial Performance Metrics
    Program Expenses (Percent of the charity's total expenses spent on the programs and services it delivers) 90.1%
    Administrative Expenses 3.8%
    Fundraising Expenses 5.9%
    Fundraising Efficiency $0.21
    Working Capital Ratio (years) 0.25

    Lastly, please keep in mind that the Salvation Army and the Red Cross are now business partners, and we share disasters hand and hand alike.
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    One of the football games, a white quaterback had his back broken by black players who knelt and he didn't. Then a black players raised his fist symbolic of black power. This is bull****.
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    The last Financial Statement I seen of the Wounded Warrior project...

    68% was admin cost.

    Can't support that.