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Well, after a few years birddogging for a H&R Sportsman model 999,
.22 LR , 9 shot , 6" barrell, Top Break.
I finally pointed one this week, worked a deal, drove 1 1/2 hrs each way.

Looked up SN and mfg date is 1982.

No scratches, on gun or grips, bluing is 100% not even the slightest drag line on cylinder.
Im hard pressed to tell if has been fired, but I know its had 18 shots thru it.

Seen several of these, but never one this nice and clean.

The old man I got it from ,swears it will hit an 8" target at 50 yards with all 9 rounds.
Its been in his bedroom nightstand since new.

I have been turned down offering $400 for pretty rough ones.

Walked out with this one for $350.

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Congrats Jim...

I've been looking into getting a S&W Schofield top break single action replica...

I'm just a cowboy at heart...
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