My 10/22 Shoots One Ragged Hole with Factory Barrel

Discussion in 'Ruger Rifle Forum' started by weblance, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. weblance

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    I took my 10/22 to the range today to sight in a scope I just mounted. This is a 2011 vintage Ruger Charger that I assembled into a Carbine. I bought a used barrel from a member at RimfireCentral, and a birch Sporter Deluxe stock off of Ebay. I sent the barrel to Jim Pixley to be threaded, front sight remounted, and muzzle re-crowned. At 25 yards, with just my left forearm rested against the rail at the range, it shoots one ragged hole, with my suppressor attached(SilencerCo SS Sparrow) It does this with all 3 ammo types I took today, Federal bulk, Blazer bulk, and CCI Standard Velocity. I was shocked. The gun is completely stock, with the exception of the barrel re-crown. I didnt shoot the barrel before sending it to the machinist. I dont know how accurate it was in stock form. It is a recent barrel with all the bad lathe rings, and matt finish.

    I have had a 10/22 since 1986. I sold that first one and bought a stainless 10/22 when they came out. I still have it. I think that was around 1991. I haven't shot it in years, but don't really remember it being inaccurate. Why do people knock the 10/22 as being inaccurate? The one I shot today sure isn't. Did I just get lucky, or did the re-crown make the difference?

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    Mine does too....the little Ruger 10/22 is a very accurate fun gun[​IMG]

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    We have 2 that also shoot a ragged hole! Fun little guns! Love them! Hunt rodents with them almost nightly. Excellent little hardy guns!
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    I have 3 10/22's, 2that were bought in the middle 90's and last year one of the new SR10/22 tactical. The 2older ones have been very accurate and a lot of fun. Yeh new one is my new favorite firearm !!!! You just can't go wrong with a10/22.
  5. silveradoman59

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    We have 2 10/22's, both stock. I have scoped my sons and have a Bushnell rim fire scope at the mother ship in repair. Bought it as a combo on a .30-06 and it couldn't handle the recoil. Once it's back I'm going to get it mounted and bore sighted and then we'll zero both. Looking forward to having these kinds of results.;)
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    It don't get no better than that....nice shooting. Post a photo of your 10/22 with the birch sporter stock, I've been wanting a sporter stock for mine and every now and then an affordable one pops up on ebay. Like to see how they look.