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Mother's Day Gift to My Wife

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My wife carries a S&W M&P Shield 9 in her purse daily. She loves it, but we were both concerned about the slide jamming if she ever had to fire it from her purse.

I love my LCR 357. I can pocket carry it. I can hip carry it. It makes an awesome corporate EDC or daily BUG. But, on Mother's Day, I decided it would better serve my wife.

She won't be firing much .357 out of it, but .38 +Ps will work fine. I miss my little pocket rocket, but I feel better now that she has a dependable wheel gun at her disposal.

I plan on replacing it (for me) with an LCRx or another 357. Heck, by the time I save up enough scratch, the X will be available in 357!

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My wife has been carrying an LCR .38 with +Ps ,ever since it was introduced, she loves it.

But I want it.:rolleyes:

I have only carried my LCR357 since buying it. No worries about a safety, just pull it out of my pocket and its ready to go bang. Best revolver dao trigger I have ever experienced. Hope I never have to use it.
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