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Well, I boutht thia rifle off one of he small gun traders at thre gunshow last weekend. It was late Sunday and the show had been kinda slow for everyone, including me. Guess everyone was at the beach in Corpus Christi, or the sand castle contest at Port Aransas. or the Buccaneer Days Rodeo, or the Wind Surfing Contest on the Bayfront, or a bike marathon nearby. Lotta stuff to do, so the gunshow was kinda slow. however, I did do some swappiung and $ for a few things. Rhe Remmy 700 in .25-06 and ghe Winchester 94 both have new homes.

Since I had some cash flow, I was out on the floor looking for guns late Sunday. Hardly anything was coming in the door. Guys with overpriced ARs wanting 7 or 8 bills and there were some on thre tables for 5. A few small timers had some stuff to sell off for $ at good prices. Got this gun off one of them for 150, about a bill or so less than a new one. It was a trade in for him, so he was willing to get some going home money for it. It was like new, but he did not know if it worked yet. Had not bought anything, so what the hell?

It's another Wally World plastic stock & black special with a 3x9X32 on it. Scope ain't grat. I know cause I had another one in .30-06. Gun was good, but the scope turret came off on that one when I tried to take the cap off. Bolt gun in .243. Have not had a chance to even fire it yet. Busy with Dr's appt. all week. Maybe Friday. Pics will be done also.
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