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Moon clips or speedloaders

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No luck with the laser thread so lets try something else, what is your preference the good old vintage moon clip or the modern speedloader, I guess I should add the not so speed strip. Trying to get the revolver forum active.
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I would use speedloaders with my SP101 in 9mm if Federal would bring back the 9mm rimmed (c1989) as the pocket carry of moon clips can be a challenge. For now I will use the moon clips, I like moon clips because of the sure ejection of empty brass, I also like speedloaders (Comp3 or Comp2's) and with practice can reload just as fast as a moon clip or a semi auto pistol. So my answer is speedloader if ammo is available for it.

9mm Federal Rimmed Cartridge History: The 9mm Federal rimmed cartridge was introduced in 1989 for the Charter Arms Pit Bull revolver pistol.
The 9mm Federal is a rimmed version of the 9mm Luger. Not long after the introduction of the pistol and ammunition, Charter Arms went out of business, and as no other manufacturer produced the revolver pistol, Federal Cartridge Company soon stopped producing the cartridge, making it an obsolete item. You can "NOT" use moon-clips in this revolver to fire regular 9mm Luger rimless cartridges. This cartridge has been obsolete for over 25 years.


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I would have to say I prefer to use speed loaders. I have them for my Ruger Security-Six, Charter Arms Undercover, and my Smith and Wesson Chief's Special. Although I do have moon clips for shooting .45 ACP in my Smith and Wesson Governor.
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Well I guess that's two of us for speedloaders. Not giving up anything (speed wise) with speedloaders.
I'm a recreational shooter so there's no real need for speed in my reloading. I also don't ever foresee myself in a situation that requires the need for rapid reloading, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared so I tend to carry one or two Comp 2 speedloaders when I carry a revolver.
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I use the Bianchi Speed Strips for my J frames. they carry much easier than a speed loader and you do not need to worry about the grips etc getting in the way.
The fastest shooters use moon clips.
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The fastest shooters use moon clips.
Fastest for what? The chance that a situation develops where you have to reload your revolver in a "split" second is about as probable as getting struck by lightning or winning the lottery! The difference between using a speed loader, moon clips, speed strips etc is miniscule, and with practice, irrelevant. IMHO. YMMV
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