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I was curious how old my MKII is and found it to have been made in 1983. Wow that was the second year the MKII was made. 1982 first year made to 2005 for last year.
This is one heck of a good dependable gun. 31 years old and still excellent functioning and accurate gun.
I had no idea my gun was this old. I did buy it in early 90's for $100. Of course when I bought it the gun was a little over 10 years old.

I thought I got such a great deal when I bought it. Ha! It probably cost less than that when it was new. I see used MKII selling for around two to three hundred now. But I sure can't complain because how many other items costing $100 last over 30 years? I would say that speaks volumes for Ruger quality.
I wonder how old some of your MKII are?
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