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MK3 and 22/45 redesign

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Nephew always borrows my 1978 standard model when he goes to range, so as he is 18 this month my brother and I were going to buy him his own .22 pistol. Turns out here in MA, all the MK3s and 22/45 models were removed from gun dealers stores, as the pistols are no longer MA compliant. I emailed Ruger customer service and a few days later, a rep called and told me the pistols are being redesigned, and therefore are no longer MA compliant. So here in MA, only the SR22 is the only Ruger .22 semi-auto that can be sold
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The strict demands that MA and other states have often doesn't make it financially worthwhile to redesign in order to keep them in those markets. Unsure what they're changing to keep them out of MA. A great alternative, if available down there, would be a Browning Buckmark or Hi-Standard.
Thanks but neither of the pistols mentioned is MA compliant. Not a single model Browning or Colt semiauto pistol is MA compliant. As I understand the issue with the Ruger MK3s and 22/45 models is that a simple and inexpensive replacement of the hammer bushing overrides the mag disconnect which is a mandated feature of a MA compliant handgun. All we can buy other the the Ruger SR-22 are the Smith and Wesson .22 semis, Walther .22 semis, and the Sig mosquito....
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