MK II 22/45 - I like it except...

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    The grip frame is SLIPPERY and too light.

    I purchased this 5 1/2" bull barrel 22/45 many years ago when the local sheriff was putting an expiration date on pistol purchase permits (This was not provide for in state statutes and after a grass roots organization took him and some other sheriffs to court this practice stopped.) and I had one which I needed to use or loose :D I like the pistol but do not shoot it much due to the reasons originally stated.

    I have been shooting steel targets for the past several years which is fun but has caused my precision to go to $#!+ :( so I am back on paper for a while. I started with my traditional Mk II but I really do not like the "Luger" grip angle. Today I switched to the 22/45. Once I get where I am shooting slow fire in the 90s I will break out my High Standard Supermatic and some match ammo and see if I really remember how to shoot ;)

    The Mk II 22/45 has the one piece molded grip frame which is slick on the front strap and back strap. My normal "fix" is to wrap the thing in electrical friction tape. That gives me a firm hold but leaves a coating of tar on my hand, especially in warm weather. I did notice today that the tar stains on my hand show that the contact is with the front and back straps not the grips. So the fact that I cannot replace the grip panels is not a concern. I am looking for less messy alternatives.

    Volquartsen makes a nice aluminum replacement frame. That would make a nice but expensive upgrade. However, being aluminum and not tungsten or depleted uranium or even just steel, it does not address my second concern - the pistol is very top heavy.

    I have seen pictures and videos of folks "stippling" the frame with a soldering iron. Not sure I want to go exactly that way. When I think of stippling I think of the "tiger tooth" stippling pioneered by Jim Clark, Sr. on his match 1911s. (I have one, think of grabbing a cheese grater :eek:) Not sure if that or fine checkering would work on the polymer frame.

    After all of this blather I would appreciate hearing your suggestions.


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    Trade it for a non 22/45.