Mk 1 teardown info?

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  1. 41magnum

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    Is there good step by step info on MK1 takedown?

    Dads old 6 7/8" target model is REAL gummed up.
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  2. buster40c

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    You just have to hold your tongue just right to do it. LOL
    It's actually not that just need make sure you have the pin hole lined up to get it back together. Here is a good video for it.
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  3. SGW Gunsmith

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    Here's an early Ruger that a local trapper brought me a while back. He mentioned that it didn't function so well any longer:
    If you only prefer to do the "field strip", which entails removing the upper from the grip frame assembly, that's fairly easy "to do" task.
    First thing is, he calls the pistol in the video a Ruger Mark II, not so, it's a Ruger Standard with A100 grip frame. But the dis and re-assembly will work as shown in the video.
    Once you have the upper off of the grip frame, remove the plastic grip panels. What I do with pistols that are really gummed up and dirty, is to soak the grip frame in a pan of kerosene ( yes, kerosene ) over-night to loosen up all the crud involved. Then, if you have an air compressor, or know someone who does, blow out all the crapola that will come out and check to see if anymore is remaining. If there is, do another soaking until all the gunk is removed.
    Kerosene will not hurt the bluing, but use rubber gloves, eye protection and do things outside if you can. Once you have all the internals as clean as you can get them, use whatever oil you prefer, and squirt it all around the internal parts. Shake excess out and then blow out whatever extra oil remains. That pistol will last until you hand it over to your grandchildren if taken care of.
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