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Mini 30

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Finally got it out to play, feed Wolf ammo fine, not the best of groups, reminded of the 14 I had in the seventies .

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I am new to this forum but not to firearms. Just got a surprise from the Ruger Tech support guy and he was somewhat rude to add to it. I just bought a new Mini 30 SS and I did so without reading any of the info out there regarding the use of surplus ammo- I just got in a hurry because of a good price. (I suppose everyone on here knew this but me). Ruger does not warrant use of any of this ammo (Tula, Wolf etc) because it does not meet saami specs. He said it would damage the guns and they will not repair the damage under warranty. The only reason I bought it was to have something to shoot 7.62x39 in just in case our country goes Connecticut down the road and bans AR and AK platforms. Well, it looks like I wasn't as smart as I thought because I really can't afford to shoot a lot of the more expensive 7.62. I like to keep some ammo stashed away and the Mini 30 isn't going to allow me to do that. Any info would be appreciated.
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I talked to ruger reps about a dozen times and I think I had that rude guy once too.

Why not start reloading and avoid all the crappy ammo?
What I had heard that some of the import coated steel cases could get hot enough to soften the clear coat and gum things up. That as I understand a few years back, I have family member in CO that goes through the cheap stuff in bulk and has never complained. He does maintain his toys tho.
The steel cased ammo works fine in mine. I use the 123/122 grain FMJ for plinking and Herters 154 grain SP for hunting.
The Silver Bear ammo has been very dependable for me in my Mini-30, and I use it almost exclusively now... ;)

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