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Mini 14 muzzle break / trigger group

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Hi, I'm a newbie to the Ruger Talk. I have a tapered barrel mini 14. I live in California, so lots of restrictions. I want to add a muzzle break, and saw a reasonably priced one from AMK Tactical. But, after visiting their website, Facebook and Instagram accounts, I cannot get a response from them as to how to order one. Not even a phone number. I know Mo-Reaper has one but for 4X the price.
I do not have a threaded barrel, so I need to slide one on with roll pins to align with the iron sites.
Trigger group:. Again California restrictions. I was also looking at a tactical stock for the mini. That would require a fixed mag. I was thinking to find a lightly used trigger group and attach the fixed trigger mechanism to that group. So, if I want to swap stock it is a drop in process rather than having to add or remove the max lock each time.
Any suggestions on a reasonably priced muzzle break and/or trigger group?
- Mike
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Trigger groups on Ebay typically sell for $200+. I would never buy one, because it is likely someone is offloading a problem child.

What series is your mini? ( First 3 numbers in the serial number, such as 184- or 581-)? For instance.

When I was in the People's Republic of Kalifornia, I would never modify my mini's in a manner that would require goofy stock, or magazine changes. Those would likely have a high probability of failure, just at a critical moment.

I would recommend sucking up the high cost of the muzzle brake and gunsmithing. And while your at it, have the gunsmith smooth out you trigger pull.

You will be very happy with your reliable, smooth running mini at the end of the process. Money well spent.
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