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Discussion in 'Ruger Rifle Forum' started by morph860, Nov 30, 2013.

  1. morph860

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    Put in an order for a Mini 14. It'll come with two 5 round mags. Looking to order a few 10-rounders. Can't find any at my LGS's. Saw some good deals on ProMag 10-rounders but heard that rugers can be very picky about non-factory mags. Anyone have a recommendation for a site with decent prices on factory mags? Seems like the 5 and 20 rounders are easier to find. Thanks.
  2. Jimbo1

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    Month old but I'll answer. I've had my 581 for awhile. If ur just interested in ten rounders, I would get em straight from ruger, and yes they r touchy about mags, I've had luck with triple k ten rounders but that's hit or miss in quality, tapco gen 2 are good but not ten rounders, like I said if ur just getting a couple 5 to ten bucks for ruger is well worth not having issues. Pro mags 10 rounders don't work well at all for me, My 2€
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  3. Redleg

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    I will echo Jimbo1's comment. I have not had good luck with the non-Ruger magazines I have tried with my two Mini Ranch Rifles whereas my Ruger magazines all function at 100%. Buy 'em on or buy factory mags from wherever.