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So there were two soldiers digging a pit while the sarge sat under a shade tree up on the hill looking down on them sweating in the hot sun.
One soldier asks the other why the sarge gets to sit under the shade tree while they dig a pit in the hot sun.
The other soldier said I don't know......why don't you go ask him.
So the soldier goes up to the sarge and asks him why.
The sarge says it is because I have smartz and you don't.
The soldier asks him what is smartz.
The sarge put his hand up in front of a tree and tells the soldier to hit his hand as hard as he can.
The soldier thinks well I will show him how hard I can hit his hand and he rears back and lets his fist fly at the hand.
Just then the sarge drops his hand and the soldier mashes his hand into the tree.
The sarge says that is what is called smartz.
The soldier goes back down the hill to his buddy and his buddy says what did he tell him.
He told him the sarge said it was because he had smartz.
The buddy asks what is smartz. The soldier held his hand up to his own face and tells his buddy to hit his hand as hard as he can.
That is smartz. The soldier gave this spelling of smartz.
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