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    I received a call from Mike @Ruger today and he said my pistol is ready for return. He took the pistol to the range, which is 15 yards and said he had a bullet spread of 1 1/2" on a bench rest. I failed to ask him what bullets he had used. They will send me an invoice of all the work that has been done. He repeated that they replaced the ejector. Had they not done that, I would have problems later. They are also sending the target back along with info so hopefully I will know what ammo they used. I thanked them profusely for the kind service they have given and he said "no big deal!" He was very congenial. I just hope I can do the pistol justice when I shoot it. I know it will shoot better than I can. Stated they would try to get it shipped today but it had to be cleaned and would try but tomorrow would probably be better. Anxiously awaiting and wanting to hit the range ASAP!!
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    That is good customer service.

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    Great service. I hope the relevant data is on the target. And - the POI will be significant, as long as the bullet data is there.

    Be patient and hang in there, Tommy. Go easy on the caffeine until the gun is in your hands. ;)