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    This weekend we had our local gun show at the convention center. There was a good turnout of spectators and dealers/non dealers. I did manage to sell a rifle there just by carrying it and talking to mostly non dealers. I did not get as much as I wanted but was satisfied on the price I got. I almost bought another pistol, but I need the money so had to abandon that idea. It's not shameful to be broke but darned inconvenient. The biggest thing I noticed was the lack of long guns. There were 2 booths with AR style rifles but most were handguns. Prices on handguns are out of sight. A very worn Colt .38 revolver had an asking price of $575.00. I saw quite a few Colt 1911 70 series and prices varied from $1500.00-3500.00. Knives were another point of interest and they had about 15 tables full of knives. I did buy a 1973 Herter's catalog and have had fun skimming through it. They sold everything including fancy grade stocks, reloading materials, fishing equipment and boats. You could buy a 16' aluminum boat back in the day for $250.00 and a trailer to haul it on for approx. $175.00. Fancy engraved French walnut stock for a Remington 760 with intricate engraving, grade 5 wood, with shoulder pad and glass bedded went for $65.00 back in the day. All you had to do was send in your rifle and they would do the work and send it back. Price was for stock and fore end and if you wanted the fore end double engraved that costs another $5.00.The engraving was all done by hand by Herter's technicians. Where are they now? All in all, it was a good day and a day at a gun show sure beats a day sitting at home in the heat we have now.

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    Sounds like a good fun day for ya.

    It is fun to remember some of the good ole days,

    I am surprised to hear that the AR15s were not in abundance, and at double prices.


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    I've pretty much stopped bothering with the shows the past few years. Might go to one, maybe two a year now. Besides going the route of getting rid of, instead of adding more the trend at shows has been lots of AR rifles and AR stuff, lots of common brand new pistols and then the inevitable tables of junk cutlery and just...junk...
    I always have my "eyes" at shows anyways so very unlikely I'll miss anything really worthwhile.

    Now if I can just convince myself to get a table or two and be on the other side again...
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    Now if I can just convince myself to get a table or two and be on the other side again.
    Quote from Blkhawk

    I used to go to all the gun shows and used to rent a table or even 2 if I had enough trading stock. Anymore dealers are taking over, and prices are sky high. There was a day when there wasn't a bunch of dealers and we were just a bunch of shooters trading stock and swapping lies. Those were the fun days! We would take our cheese, crackers and some salami, eat there and try to con each other out of better deals. Or there was always someone there we could screw with. I had one guy who had a pistol I wanted and I said ok and handed him an I.O.U. and he just looked at my buddy. My buddy said not to worry-it was good. I kept the gun for about 2 hours before I gave it back. You should have seen the look on his face when I gave his that I.O.U. PRICELESS!!!

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    Dang Tommy......
    That could have caused a problem around these parts. :duck: